Raney Family Photo

Hi!  My name is Jenica Raney and I am the founder of Raney Day Designs.  I am wife to my loving husband, mother to our 2 beautiful children, and wrangler to our fur baby.  I graduated from the University of Iowa in 2005 with a degree in Finance and Marketing.  I went on to work in investments for several years before marrying my wonderful husband and being given the opportunity to pursue my real passion of sewing and design.

The anticipation and eagerness to become a mother inspired me to design my baby line.  All of my products are carefully handcrafted with soft, comfy materials that are soothing to baby's touch. I welcome any and all feedback and am more than happy to accommodate a custom order.


You can read the full story of how Raney Day Designs came to be on my blog foraraneyday.com.